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2008 Conference at Lipscomb University

Higher Education and Sustainability in Tennessee: Raising the Bar

Higher Education and Sustainability in Tennessee: Raising the Bar
April 1-2, 2008, Lipscomb University


The Lipscomb Conference drew over 150 participants from 27 higher education institutions and consisted of sessions devoted to such topics as recycling, energy conservation, transportation, instruction/outreach initiatives and climate change commitments. Nationally recognized sustainability in leaders Dave Newport (University of Colorado) and Michele Hallahan (University of Texas at Austin) gave presentations outlining successful campus programs and opportunities for the future. The 2008 conference was held in conjunction with Lipscomb University’s Tennessee Green Business Summit.


Brochures, agendas, flyers


Campus Operations

Marcus Kerske, Gardens of Babylon and Ed Putnam, AquaShield
Sustainable Landscaping (the title will be linked to the presentation)

Susanna Bacter, TICUA
Voluntary EPA Compliance Roundtable

Laura Case, Emory University
Building to LEED Standards

Don Johnson, Lipscomb University
Existing Building LEED Standards

Kathleen Moore and Micky Morton, East Tennessee State University
Campus Recycling

Sarah Surak, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Green Cleaning: Beyond Green Products


Dodd Galbreath and Linda Phipps, Lipscomb University
Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Sustainability

Carol Ekstrom, Rhodes College
Building Sustainability at Rhodes

Cindi Smith-Walters, MTSU
Fostering Environmental Literacy

Annamarie Harrod, Belmont University
Bringing Sustainability to the Classroom

J.P. Plumlee, SACE
Service Learning: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Catie Caborn, KilowattOurs and Vanderbilt University
Kilowatt Ours Youth Initiative

Robert Wingfield, Fisk University and Calverta McMorris, LeMoyne-Owen College
Roundtable: Student Health Ambassadors as Community Change Agents


Jessica Cameron, Austin Peay State University
Student Fee Referenda

Larry Wheaton, TN Tech
TBR Guidelines for Fee Revenue Spending

Leslie Chinery, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Carbon Footprint Measurement

Esfandiar Zafar, Vanderbilt University
Information Technology’s Green Role

Jim Byford, The University of Tennessee, Martin
Biofuels: Brining the Fuel Industry Home

Andrew McCall, Maryville College
Woodchips for Boilers

Derek Riley, Vanderbilt University
Biodiesel Production

Don Johnson, Lipscomb University
Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Lunch Presentation

Tim Ezzell, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Historical Preservation and Sustainability